Damien Drake


Damien Drake is an award-winning director, cinematographer and producer. Drake has traveled the globe to shoot documentaries through commercials for clients ranging from The Brian Jonestown Massacre to Pampers.

Daniel Powell


Daniel Powell is the co-creator and Executive Producer of Inside Amy Schumer, which premiered April 30th on Comedy Central and was promptly renewed for a second season.

Jetpacks Go!


Alden Ford and Justin Tyler are writers, comedians and directors based in New York.

Cary & Jon


Working for over 10 years together, Cary & Jon have executed their creative talents in animation, art installations, music videos, commercials and short films, receiving accolades from Cannes through SXSW.

Jonathan Yi


Jonathan Yi is a director and cinematographer, most often working in the realms of commercial production and documentary



With fifteen years of directing under her belt KEZIA has a passion for creating unique & cinematic worlds

Manny Bernardez


An exceptionally talented director with the ability for creating a visual story that is both emotionally charged and playful? whether it be as GM, Nike or Olay

Noella Borie

Animation Director

Noella Borie was born in Paris in 1986 and raised near Geneva, Switzerland. She lived in Tokyo for a year in the renown language school of Naganuma.

Robert Boocheck


From Death Cab for Cutie, to Google and Johnnie Walker, Robert Boocheck has proven that no part of the industry is beyond him.


    Ideas derived from brand research and strategic thinking.


    Ideas so bold your boss will get nervous, but your viewers will take notice.

  • 360˚

    Ideas that are solid enough to translate across all media platforms, with one clear voice and message.


    Ideas that will actually make a difference and bring eyeballs to the screen. Game changers, that demand attention.